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As of 2011, Cosmodrome Plesetsk occupied an area of 1,800 square kilometers. According to the official statistics, since its inception the space center had conducted testing and validation of 10 types of launch vehicles, 11 rocket complexes and 30 types of spacecraft.


As of June 2013, Plesetsk was undergoing consolidation under a command of Military Unit No. 13991. It would include five test centers, the 43rd detached scientific and testing station on the Kamchatka Peninsula, auxiliary military units and detached tracking stations. An impact range in Kamchatka was integrated into Plesetsk center in 2011. (654)

List of known facilities in Plesetsk:

Facility Description
3 Building No. 14 with processing facility, TK, for Soyuz and Molniya launch vehicles, Fregat stage, Liana spacecraft, a payload section assembly area for Soyuz and Molniya launchers.
10 Town of Mirny (main residential area).
16 Pad No. 2 for the Soyuz-U launch vehicle.
25 Processing infrastructure for the RT-2 missile (dismantled after 2011).
32 The 11P868 launch complex for the Tsyklon-3 (11K68) booster with two launch pads.
32T Building No. 130 with processing area originally for Tsyklon-3 and later for Rockot boosters.
35 A two-pad launch complex originally built for Zenit with a completion date in 1996; During 2000s, rebuilt for Angara.
41 Residential area serving Site 1 and Site 142
43 An original launch pad No. 3 for the 8K78M Molniya rocket and pad No. 4, later refurbished for the Soyuz-2 and Soyuz-1.
101 An IP-1 ground control station.
111 Residential area.
132 From 1967 to present - The 11P865 complex for the Kosmos-3M rocket.
133 From 1967 to 1977 - the 11P863 Raduga launch complex for the Kosmos-2 (11K63) rocket with two pads. From 1985 to 1997 - the 11P865P Voskhod for the Kosmos-3M (11K65M) rocket; 1997-present - one pad converted for Rockot.
141 Building No. 201 with processing facility for a spacecraft developed at NPO Lavochkin (likely Oko-type satellites); Building No. 1 is used to process an NPO PM spacecraft, previously used for Nadezhda, Tsikada, Obzor, Strela-3, Meteor-3M and Kosmos launch vehicle; Building No. 101 with the processing facility for Okean-01 spacecraft and Kosmos launch vehicle.
142 Building No. 1 with processing and assembly area originally for Zenit and later for Angara rockets (under construction); the processing area for Resurs F, F1, Bion, Foton, Oblik, Yantar (Kobalt), Molniya-3K spacecraft.
145 A KAZ nitrogen-oxygen plant.
151 ZNS fueling and neutralization station 11G143 operational from 1972 to 1991; later 11G143-2 until present
161 Processing infrastructure for the RT-2 missile (dismantled after 2011).
171 Processing area (for the Kosmos-3M rocket and spacecraft).

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