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If you ever tried to "google" such terms as "Russian space program," "Baikonur," "Mir," "Soyuz," "Proton rocket" and many similar ones, will likely top the list of search results:


...or if you ever went on a trip to one of Russia's numerous space events, you could see printouts from in the hands of top international space officials, scientists and engineers.

As extensive correspondence to the editor of this web site testifies, became the ultimate source of information for engineers and scientists, politicians and businessmen, writers and journalists, students and teachers, historians and movie makers around the world. Readers often describe as the best illustrated and organized publication on the history of space program.

As of 2006, on an average month, the site was viewed by CLOSE TO 120,000 UNIQUE VISITORS and the traffic had continued to grow ever since:

2008 traffic


Large percentage of visitors can be traced to the aerospace and defense industry professionals and high-tech companies in the English-speaking world and around the globe:

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Consistent Updates has been continuously published since January 2001! It has been indexed by the Way Back Machine and its history can be independently verified here:*/

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