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See what aerospace industry professionals, journalists, historians and many other readers have to say about this web site:

This new site, launched by a veteran Russian space journalist, covers news and history of Russia's space program. If offers plenty of hard-to-find in-depth resources, such as spacecraft schematics, timelines and rare photos. Go there now.

CNN, Site of the Week, 2001

At long last, a sensible account of Gagarin's experiences during re-entry! What a great website you have made.

Piers Bizony

For those of you who haven't visited, I'd suggest going there immediately and clicking on the Soyuz section (under "Spacecraft").  It provides a schematic of the spacecraft and if you move your cursor over the system listings on the side, the relevant piece of equipment is highlighted.  It is a really outstanding guide to the spacecraft. I only wish that all space websites were this innovative.

Great work!

Dwayne Allen Day
Space historian
George Washington University

Anatoly, I don't know what I personally would do without your investigative work and how much you do for those US citizens who crave accurate information about all things Russian Space Program. Thank You.

Perry Alan Noriega

This looks pretty damn amazing!

Chris Bergen
NASA Spaceflight Managing Editor

The most comprehensive resource on Sputnik is RussianSpaceWeb, an independent site maintained by journalist Anatoly Zak. SpaceWeb's Sputnik materials include technical descriptions, first-person accounts from Russian aeroscientists, accounts of the political impact in the USSR, and much more, including the above photograph.

The National Science Digital Library

I often visit your site just to gaze in awe at the magnificence of your graphics... I would have had to bow down in respect to your use of apparent lighting effects. I study them, but still can't see how you do it. But I most certainly appreciate your work...

Jennifer Cluse
Brisbane, Australia

RussianSpaceWeb has allowed me to get to grips with some of the many misnomers and rumors and urban myths that float around the web and among enthusiasts. The structured layout is a pleasure. Every scrap of information has been well presented and provides an unparalleled view onto the people, the craft, the development and the sheer effort that the Soviet Union and today's Russia has expended to carve their unique place in the history of space exploration. To read about these achievements is a marvel and a jewel that should not be dismissed lightly.

Like it or not; the Russian achievement is amazing and more than one NASA official has marvelled at just how the Russian Space Agency is able to do the daring and continued missions. Take the time; read; absorb; learn. It was literally like going back to school, only this time, the lessons were ones that I dreamt about as a child and have been able to only realise through Anatoly's website. My sincerest thanks to Anatoly. His dedication; his obvious skills at gleaning this information and tireless enthusiasm is boundless and deserves credit.

Bentley Systems Inc
Industrial partner with ESA and NASA

Thank you this is one of the finest & most rewarding sites dedicated to space exploration I have ever seen! I have been here many times learning about the ships & people involved in space exploration & always come away enthused & more knowledgeable!

Harry Hollins III

Dear Anatoly

I am an author researching a number of aspects of space exploration... You are the only site to give a top down overview of the whole subject and important parts of that subject - such as the ISS. The NASA site editors and many others simply cannot get the idea that one must see the overall map before moving onto narrower details of the subject. It is almost impossible to get a clear timeline of space exploration from NASA - just a mass of detail. Your one webpage on the overview of the ISS clarified more in 20 minutes than 20 hours on NASA and other sites.

Anthony D'Abreu
Director, EIP

Nice looking web site Anatoli.  Today was my first visit but have book marked it... You might want to give some thought on how, with your permission, AWST could quote some things from your site from time to time with full credit.

Craig Covault
Aviation Week & Space Technology

What a marvelous site. There is enough information here to keep me interested for a lifetime! Thank you for your painstaking work.
Christiana Groenewoud

Anatoly. Looks like you have a lot of very good stories posted there already. Cheers,

Paul Hoversten

Mr. Zak's stuff on has been outstanding for a long time, and if he's even expanding his activities, we all will benefit immensely.

James Oberg
Independent Analyst

Anatoly --

I just read the mention of your site on FPSpace and wanted to drop a Quick note to say that it is truly amazing! The Soyuz tour alone is truly outstanding. It has moved to the top of my bookmarks for information about the Russian Space Program... Good to see you're still out there producing top-notch content...

Robert Pearlman
editor, collectSPACE

Anatoliy, congrats on RussianSpaceWeb, it looks excellent!

Jonathan McDowell
Jonathan Space Report,
Harvard University

Hi Anatoly,

Your new site looks fantastic. Congratulations!

Steven Young

Dear Mr Zak,

I have received your e-mail about the new web site and I have discovered an interesting picture showing an Oko satellite. I would like to publish it in next issue of my magazine with your permission...
Thanks by advance,
Sincerely Yours

Christian Lardier
Air & Cosmos Magazine

Hi Anatoly,

i really enjoy Your page. You have really great information. I will soon add a link to Your page on my own Space page...

Gunter Krebs
Space Analyst and Historian


We love your new site -- Rob P. found it and it's soooo cool...

Robin Lloyd
Science Editor Illustrated

Read today on the CNN web site about the ceremony honouring Korolev on what would have been his 100 birthday. I did not know of him, did a Google search and found your web site. Congratulations.  What a marvelous achievement! I am looking forward to many, many hours exploring your web site.  

Bill Waicus
Operations Manager
Skills for Change

Dear Anatoly,

What a wonderful and informative web site. Such a pleasure to see a site without hype and marketing nonsense, but lots of facts.

Marcel Gerber

Anatoly Zak does an incredible job of documenting the history of Soviet/Russian space exploration, as well as the cooperation that has emerged as the Russia and America work together on the Space Station and other projects.

I recommned that you visit the site, and explore the photos, articles and history of space science.

The Art of Teaching Science blog

Great site from which all of us can learn & benefit from!  Keep up the superb work!

David Montgomery
Challenger 498 Section NAR Advisor

Thank you for the BRILLIANT Baikonur website at:

The pictures, the maps, the 3D animations, the virtual reality walk-throughs. WOW. You have done AMAZING work to show the world the Baikonur Cosmodrome. I have read about Baikonour in many novels from the 70s and 80s but to actually SEE it. Just brilliant!!!

Your graphics work showing the Venera probes was PERFECT. You show how the probe entered orbit with Venus, how the lander separated, the various stages -- and presented it in an easy-to-understand fashion that even a child could follow. Your work is as good, if not better than, something NASA provides.

The 3D library was just amazing. Crisp, clean animations of satellites, probes, and landers. The audience can see how an LK lander would have landed on the moon. That is priceless.

Thank you very much. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

Warmest Regards,


My daughter has been doing a report on Valentina Tereshkova and we have found your site most enlightening. It was difficult to get pictures of Soviet spacecraft at our usual sites, and many of them presented space flight as if the Soviet Union was hardly involved!

At least her school is more enlightened.

Thank you again,

Eileen Bridge

I've really enjoyed your Web site - it's a model for other people to follow in terms of its organization, its many illustrations and the level of detail provided on the subject!

Thomas G. (Greg) Fewer
Educator, historian and archaeologist

Thank you for your excellent web site, which I have read for many years.


First of all, your "Russian Space Web" is fantastic.  It is the best.  I really enoy it. 

Phil Horzempa

great site! Really helped!!!!

Joseph Jurasek

You have an awesome website that helped me so much with my project.

Thanks. Your help is greatly appreciated

I am a researcher in Thales Alenia Space in Rome. First I want to compliment the beautiful site...


A very fantastic, and informative site, thank you so much. Thank you again, and long may you continue, to bring us the wonderful endeavours of the Soviet Union/Russia...


With the veil of the "Iron Curtain" still lifting, it's good to see that somewhere on the web, some of the scientific advances made by the former USSR can come to light for the whole world to see. It's sad that the political stage kept the US and USSR from cooperating and sharing such knowledge...

...Thank you for your time in putting together this site.

Robert Lock


I checked out your Russian Space Progam website and it is AWSOME dude!!! I'm nothing but impressed! I've been a fan of all things Russian/Soviet technology for years, buying models of the fighters, bombers and spacecraft back in the day... much to the displeasure of my parents, it wasn't seen as being appropriate to like the enemy's equipment over NATO's gear, such was the cold war as a boy.
Just wanted to let you... well done man!

Mark Richfield

...I want to congratulate you on your amazing site. You've done more to promote Russian spaceflight than any other journalist in the world.

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