Block G of the L3 lunar expeditionary complex

The fourth stage of the N1-L3 lunar landing complex, was designated Block G. During the lunar expedition, Block G, equipped with a single engine burning a mix of kerosene and liquid oxygen, would send the L3 expeditionary complex from low-Earth orbit toward the Moon. During this maneuver, the propulsion system onboard Block G was to burn until full consumption of the propellant onboard the stage.

Sergei Korolev's OKB-1 was responsible for the overall development of Block G, while OKB-276, based in Kuibyshev and led by Nikolai Kuznetsov developed the propulsion system for the stage.

Block G overview:

Propulsion system
1 (one) NK-21 engine
Fuel Kerosene
Oxidizer Liquid oxygen
Thrust in vacuum 40.8 tons
Duration of burn 365 seconds


Block G layout. Copyright © 2002 Anatoly Zak

Block G fires, sending the L3 complex toward the Moon. Click to enlarge Copyright © 2002 Anatoly Zak